Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram!

If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram is the newest  Face Book owned application that connects loved ones and friends simply through pictures. It’s a well known fact that a picture tells a story much clearer than words and what better way to demonstrate beauty than through pictures. This new application could be what many businesses have been missing in their marketing program. In the service industry specifically, carpet cleaners, contractors, painters etc could potentially all benefit from keeping up with applications like Instagram as well as some up and coming popular social media. For personal uses, no one can see the photos you post unless you have approved their subscription to your photo stream. For privacy uses, this is a great feature.

We all know how Face Book was once thought to be geared towards a younger generation but today it’s the single most popular way for businesses, friends, and family to keep in touch. Universities have adopted social media into their curriculum years ago and it’s steadily changing and growing as advancements are made.

Tumblr   is another platform on the rise. Much like Myspace, it can be personalized similar to a website. Text, photos, video, and quotations can all be added to “your” Tumblr spot. Tumblr is easily searchable so not much privacy exists unless certain content is edited for privacy. Fusion’s Tumblr spot is open for all to see. Check in for design & cleaning tips, as well as answers to popular FAQ’s.




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