Not Your Average Newsletter

Not Your Average Newsletter


I’d like to think our bi-monthly Carpet Cleaning Newsletter is anything but ordinary but I write it so I may be a bit biased. Fusion is the only local carpet cleaner who produces a monthly Newsletter to our customers. I think that’s pretty special. Aside from getting some great deals only available to subscribers, I don’t mind making you laugh and helping you discover something new and vital going on within our community. Every issue features a new artist who is making strides and whom deserves our support as a reputable business. Photographers, restaurants, web designers, school functions, and my all time favorite…..TOP 5 Lists. Our Newsletter reaches hundreds of local hard working people both residential and commercial. If you know someone deserving of our feature spotlight, email me at: I will respond to all emails and look forward to helping promote business in the beautiful panhandle that we enjoy so much!

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Have a wonderful weekend and remember, if you’re too busy to clean…we can and will do it for you!

Nicole McGowan

Customer Reviews: Are they legitimate?

Customer Reviews: Are they legitimate?


How many times have you chosen a company based on their reviews? If you’re anything like me, countless times. There are some valuable tricks in determinig legitimate reviews but I have all the info you will need to know right here.

First Tip!

Check the reviews! Start with CNET for large corporations and big name products. Every product has a review these days. Reading reviews and feedback has become more time consuming than clipping coupons so be careful to be reading from a good source, first.

Tip #2: Negative Feedback: Some competitors could possibly “plant” negative feedback for a competitor. Although anyone willing to take time out to write about a bad experience…..really did have a bad experience and they will often times go into detail. A one sentence complaint is not worth trusting.

Tip #3: Google and Yahoo over the years have made it impossible to leave feedback without being signed in under a username. So after you’ve seen the same username over and over again, you pretty much assume the reviews aren’t legitimate. That’s not always the case. Often times business owners translate and post reviews themselves when customers verbally give feedback.

Tip #4 : Anonymous Reviewer: With our busy lives, it’s difficult to follow up with a good review when you’re happy with a service. It’s much easier to call or email the compliment. Many times, businesses will take those calls or emails and generate them into reviews over a period of time. Just because a review is listed as anonymous, doesn’t mean it’s not legitimate.

Tip #5: The good/bad review: When a customer mentions the great work completed as well as an area for improvement, it can definitely be respected and trusted.


Of course I had to direct you to our Fusion Reviews!

All of our reviews are from happy, satisfied customers and describe real experiences.
Nicole McGowan

Charitable Event: Support Art In School!

Hello Readers! It’s that time again to help out a great cause! For the entire month of March, Fusion CRS will be donating 100% of all rug cleaning proceeds to the Elliott Point Elementary School Art Program!

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