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Tile and Grout Cleaning : Death To The Mop

Tile and Grout Cleaning : Death To The Mop 

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon and you’ll find me dusting, vacuuming thecarpets, laundry, wiping mirrors and mopping the kitchen and bathroom tile. I may not be the tidiest person in the world but I surely enjoy kicking back and relaxing in a clean home.

You know the way your carpet looks RIGHT after you vacuum? The path it took across your floor is visible and at the right angle it almost looks new? Exhale, the cleaning has been completed. Now Why does the tile look untouched? I know for a fact that I mopped it and it looks EXACTLY the same as it did before. The shelves at WalMart are filled with products I’ve wasted money on trying to achieve some type of  tile shine and maybe even cleaner grout lines. Money wasted!

When I saw  the difference a professional cleaning has over mopping and sweeping, I felt so silly for ever thinking I could achieve that on my own. OK so by now you’re thinking…”Don’t you work for a tile cleaning company?” Well you’re right, I do! So as an employee, I knew exactly what they did and how hard they worked on my tile and grout Cleaning. Amazing job by trained technicians with the help of a little product magic. My tile is clean and has a natural finish that was dulled by all of my failed mopping attempts.

Enjoy our Tile and Grout Cleaning Video

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Call me to schedule if you’re tired of mopping with no results.

Nicole McGowan



Customer Reviews: Are they Real?

How many times have you chosen a company based on their reviews? Or NOT chosen them based on horrible reviews? I have one too many times. Only happy, satisfied customers write reviews! If you agree with what I just said, you’re sadly mistaken. There are some valuable tricks in determining legitimate reviews but I have all the info you will need to know right here.

Tip #1: Check the reviews! Start with CNET for large corporations and big name products. Every product has a review these days. Reading reviews and feedback has become more time consuming than price comparisons and clipping coupons.

Tip #2: Negative Feedback: Some competitors could possibly “plant” negative feedback for a rival company although most won’t take the time to do so if they are an established business. Anyone willing to take the time to write about a bad experience…..really did have a bad experience.

Tip #3: Company Feedback: If the company you’re researching has negative feedback and no one has replied to it, that’s unfortunate. We should care about each and every person who has a less than pleasant experience. “The customer is always right” has gotten lost and it’s up to all of us to restore it as sellers and consumers.

Tip #4 : Anonymous Reviewer: With our busy lives, it’s difficult to follow up with a good review when you’re happy with a service. It’s much easier to call or email the compliment. Many times, businesses will take those calls or emails and generate them into reviews over a period of time. Just because a review is listed as anonymous, doesn’t mean it’s not legitimate.

Tip #5: The good/bad review: When a customer mentions the great work completed as well as an area for improvement, I can respect that and believe the review.

Of course I had to direct you to our Fusion Reviews!

All of our reviews are from happy, satisfied customers and describe real experiences. I know because I’m normally the lucky one to hear them ☺

Nicole McGowan

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Reasons You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Needs – Carpet Cleaning Niceville

If you are looking for carpet cleaning Niceville, you have several different options. One option is to rent machines and clean the carpets on your own. The other option is to have a professional that does carpet cleaning Niceville come into your home and do the job for you. While it may be tempting to try doing the job on your own, you’ll find that hiring a professional is usually the better option. Whether you need carpet or tile cleaning Niceville, here are some of the top reasons you should hire a professional.

Reason #1 – Professional Equipment and Cleaning Products

One of the main reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning Niceville is that professionals use professional equipment and cleaning products to get the job done right. The machines and products they use are more likely to eliminate stains from carpet and they offer a deep clean that eliminates dirt, pet dander, dust and more. While you can rent cleaning machines yourself for carpet cleaning Niceville, the machines you are able to rent will not provide the same deep cleaning results that you’ll enjoy when hiring a professional to do the job.

Reason #2 – Keeps Carpets Looking Clean and Beautiful

Hiring a professional for your carpet cleaning Niceville needs will also help you to keep your carpets looking clean and beautiful. Even if you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis, they need to be deep cleaned a few times a year too. Regular deep cleaning will keep your carpets looking beautiful and it will even make your carpet last longer, which will save you some money over time. Most carpet cleaning Niceville professionals not only will clean your carpets, but they usually offer tile cleaning Niceville too, which means they can clean your tile and grout to keep it looking clean and new.

Reason #3 – Eliminates Bacteria from Carpets

Unfortunately, carpet is a great breeding place for bacteria, which can contribute to sickness in your home. This is another reason you need to call professionals to do your carpet cleaning Niceville. Having carpets cleaned on a regular basis by professionals can kill off bacteria. Regular carpet cleaning Niceville can actually improve the health of everyone in the home, since you won’t have to worry about bacteria anymore.

Reason #4 – Reduces Problems with Allergies

Carpet is well known for causing allergies because it harbors dust and other allergens. Over time, those allergens can become buried deep in carpets. Having a carpet cleaning Niceville professional come to your home can help to reduce the problems with allergies that you and your family members may be dealing with. Professionals that offer carpet cleaning Niceville have powerful cleaners and powerful machines that will eliminate those allergens from the home, helping to calm down problems with allergies.

Reason #5 – Avoid Any Mildew and Mold Problems

Many people that try to clean carpets on their own end up dealing with mildew and mold problems. This is not a problem you’ll have to worry about if you hire professionals to take care of your carpet cleaning Niceville. Many carpet cleaning machines that you can rent won’t totally dry out your carpets. The damp carpets become a breeding place for mildew and mold, which can be hazardous to your health. Mold and mildew will ultimately ruin your carpets as well. Professionals have the machines needed to take care of your carpet cleaning Niceville needs without leaving damp carpets. This way mold and mildew won’t become a problem after your carpets have been cleaned.

If you’re ready to hire a professional for your carpet cleaning Niceville needs, we can help. In fact, simply mention this article and you’ll receive 20% off any of our services. This is a limited time offer so act today – some restrictions do apply.

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I’d like to think our bi-monthly Carpet Cleaning  Newsletter is anything but ordinary but I write it so I may be a bit biased. Fusion is the only local carpet cleaner who produces a monthly Newsletter to our customers. I think that’s pretty special. Aside from getting some great deals only available to subscribers, I don’t mind making you laugh and helping you discover something new and vital going on within our community. Every issue features a new artist who is making strides and whom deserves our support as a reputable business. Photographers, restaurants, web designers, school functions, and my all time favorite…..TOP 5 Lists. Our Newsletter reaches hundreds of local hard working people both residential and commercial. If you know someone deserving of our feature spotlight, email me at: info@fusioncarpetcare.com. I will respond to all emails and look forward to helping promote business in the beautiful panhandle that we enjoy so much! Click Me!!